Jacob A. Rau

It is abundantly clear I'm not a web designer.

That said, here are my projects, in various states of disarray.

I may get lazy and not expound on some projects. Have a look over on my GitHub repo listing to get a feel for what I've been up to recently.

A JavaScript implementation (by a JS noob) of Conway's Game of Life.

A rant on how software has gotten a little bit bloated.

SmartDeviceLink compatible ShoutCast receiver for Android: enable integration into Ford vehicles' infotainment system for ShoutCast stations

Player Piano Roll Reader: Analyze video of player piano roll to convert roll to MIDI

Converting time lapse stills into a video with avconv: Basically what the title says.

A crappy Sudoku solver I wrote in high school: holy wow did I not know what I was doing. It does work, but damn.

If you wish to contact me, feel free: jarau at mtu dot educational TLD.